Mantis Backpacks were designed by Matt Kobel, a 20 year veteran of the NYPD. He started as an EMT in 1989 and has been a Medic, Police Officer, Tactical Medic, and is currently a detective in the NYPD Emergency Service Unit for the past 15 years.

Pelican Cases

Large Pelican Cases with Extender Straps

Cribbing and Jacking Bags

Power Tools


Padded Back and Hip Belt for Comfort

Tactical Ladder

Straps Adjust to Conform to Load

Comes in Four Colors

The Mantis Backpack evolved from years in the tactical and rescue field and was designed with those in the business in mind.

Great for Police, Fire, and EMS, FEMA Teams, Tactical Teams, Military and Special Ops, Mountain and Urban Rescue Teams, Wilderness Firefighting Teams, Air Rescue Teams, Hunters and the Construction Trade.

Mantis Backpacks conform to the load you are carrying. From Tactical Gear, Entry Tools, Pelican Cases, Power Tools, Cribbing, Jacking Bags, Fire Hose to hunting gear and game meat – Mantis Backpacks work for anyone with a heavy load to carry. Strap adjustments and a padded back allow you to securely carry heavy equipment and the like over short or long distances with ease and comfort.